Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Next Big Adventure 6/24/2023

 My oldest son is moving to western New York. I have learned how to support and encourage while still paying attention to my emotional well being.  They found the perfect location and the perfect house. The move date fast approaches.  I sometimes try to jump ahead but find this really great practice for being in the now.  There is no then or when, just now.  In this moment I take a deep breath and let it out with an ahhhh.  I try to comfort each of them as needed while still paying attention to what I am feeling in the moment.  Lots of lasts but also lots of firsts.  I relish each moment by finding ways to encourage my family and myself.  We are all doing our best and finding lots of ways to love each other.  

There is only one. Non-duality.  

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