Tuesday, May 16, 2023


 On this 2023 Mothers Day Weekend, my inner child helped reveal a wound I had not yet addressed.  Through application of letting go of resentments by remembering that I (and all of the rest of us) have always done our best at any given moment, I found healing for the little one who had never heard "I am so proud of you".  It was a deep wound that had me crying the way only a very young child does.  As the sadness released I was able to say "I am so very proud of you.. and then I said,  for... and named some of the things that came to mind.  My ability to love and be loved  has grown dramatically as I have worked to release old resentments.  I am so proud of me. 

We all yearn for those in charge to give us positive affirmations.  YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOU.   Each of us is in charge of ourselves.  If you are not sure if what happened to you growing up is considered trauma, take the Aces test (https://americanspcc.org>ACES).  Find a coach, a counselor, a friend who wants to be better, and begin the journey to be happy, healthy and wise.  If one thing does not work, try another.  Remember there is no judge and you most certainly are not the judge.  Your job is to love.  Thats it.  Your purpose is to love.  

Suddenly, that crabby voice in my head (aka ego, judge, critic) was quieter as a new voice (the wise one) stepped forward and gently reminded me of my true nature.  Healing is hard but not as hard as carrying around resentment at those who hurt you due to the hurt they suffered. 

I am. We are all connected.  I am not the judge.  There is no judge.  

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