Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Feeling the Feels

 The journey to wholeness continues.  

Awareness means you notice your thoughts and feelings but do not go on trips with them. There is no substance to them.  They are triggered by a flicker of a memory and then we try to find a reason but that leads to nonsense or no sense.  It leads to a story in our heads.  

The ego makes up stories with self as the star.  In truth we are all one and we see things more clearly with perspective.  Ask questions.  Be silent when others are spinning their story. Give pointers when love is not at the center.  If someone is in fear, point to love.  Point toward taking a step back to see more of the picture. 

Why?  Because.  

It is what it is.  

When in doubt, be still.  Listen for that still quiet voice.

Trust that still quiet voice.  That brief thought of the next step.  Ask yourself, “what do I desire”.  

We want to see the whole story but that is not how life evolves, is it? We take a step and trust we will know the next one. 

My greatest fear?  Being alone.  Yet, we are never alone.  We are One. When we die, for a brief moment we are alone…until we open to the new perspective.

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