Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Days

I celebrated my 67th Birthday this weekend.  I decided I would, for the first time in my long work career, take some time off for the day.  My birthday was on Friday, but I took off Thursday as well.

As I do my best to practice, I decided to embrace each moment and really had little planned in the way of celebration besides being mindful and spending a little time with the family on Saturday.   On Thursday I decided I wanted to finally replace my well worn recliner.  A shopping trip to Rooms To Go found the perfect leather recliner with a push button control.  It is both beautiful and very comfortable.  They will deliver it on Wednesday, so I have been prepping my dog, since we always share it.  She is pretty excited about it.  I felt festive all day about it and still do.

When I got up Friday morning I sang Happy Birthday to me.  As I was drying my hair I noticed a voicemail had come in.  It was from Mike, his wife and two kids.  The three older family members sang it, and at the end they all said "Bye"and wished me a great day. The baby (turns one on November 11) said "Bye" at the very end after his sister did.  At that point I could not stop smiling and thought how awesome that was.  I was glad it was recorded so I could listen again (and again).

My next planned event was a training session with Jim, my oldest son.  His daughter was in the gym when I arrived, and I got to visit and play with her before my session.  Jim handed me a birthday card and a Mandala he had decorated.   The card contained a very loving handwritten note that brought tears to my eyes.  He apologized for the handwriting because his one year old helped him as he wrote.  Of course that just made it more precious.  So at that point, my heart is full and I am happy beyond compare.  It remains full as I think back about it.

I went home and changed to go to an awards luncheon for Mary, Mike's wife.  I managed to arrive on time and made my way to the table Mary had reserved for her guests.  My son arrived as did her parents and I told my son about my birthday present I bought the day before.  We talked about the phone call from them that morning.  I turned to talk to Mary's parents and the next thing I knew, the people at our table began singing Happy Birthday to me. I absolutely love spontaneous fun and that was what that was for me.   I watched Mary receive a much deserved award and literally had to run out to retrieve my car to a haircut appointment I had changed three times.  I kept having unexpected schedule conflicts.  

I really like my stylist, heard about her wedding the weekend before, and we talked about how for the last two haircuts she felt she really had learned my hair and turned it into "her" cut.  Suffice it to say some not great things had happened in the styling shops I visited in the years before.  As I was paying out, another customer came up and started effusively complimenting my haircut.  I am not terribly vain but I do like my hair to be at its best.  That filled up another corner of my being.

As I was driving home I received a text from Jim inviting me to the Perot Museum with his family.  I had dropped by Trader Joe for a couple of items, but as I was checking out the checker said, "are you gluten intolerant?"  He was not psychic. I go to Trader Joe's for some of my gluten free groceries and the items I chose were clearly gluten free.   He asked if I had seen a new IPA gluten free beer by Stone.  I told me I had not and he stopped checking to go grab one off the shelf to show it to me.  Now, isn't that just a fun thing to happen?  We talked about his experience with a family member who is also gluten intolerant.  I am so happy and mellow at this point I could melt.

So, then I jumped in my car, headed home, changed clothes and went to Jim's.  We loaded up two cars because Tina's sister, Jeanne was visiting from Rochester, New York with her husband and six month old son.  Perot was awesome as we all explored it (it changes all the time) and really spent time taking in the sights and sounds.  

Now that was absolutely top of the mark in Birth Days!  I felt loving and loved.   

On Saturday I went back to Jim and Tina's.  This was for the   planned celebration of the weekend.   Aunt Jeanne and Tina share an October 31st birthday.  A happy group of 10 family members celebrated with The October Birthday Club which included me, little Jeanne, Aunt Jeanne and Tina.  We feasted on Fajitas, Tina made Chocolate cake and Mike bought gluten free cupcakes. There were babies everywhere!  It was positively marvelous.  Jeanne smiled and said "Grandma" when I came into the house.  Jeanne and Christian played with me in the living room.  Emily hugged me when she came in and hid behind me as she met Aunt Jeanne.  Little Connor spotted me when Mike put him down and crawled to me for me to pick him up.  I am of course full and completely running over with happiness and love at this point.

Saturday is also Halloween, and I always pass out candy. The crowds have been small but growing for the last three years, so I stocked up and bought one large and three smaller bags of Halloween candy. A record crowd showed up.  I had to slow down from my normal three or four pieces to the last little group who only got one each.  I had to turn out my light because I was out!  It was the very first time that ever happened to me. I chatted with all the little "trick or treat" munchkins and their parents.  

What's my point in this blog?  The point is, I decide each moment of every day to find the good in every moment and to notice and dispel negative thoughts.  I decide to treat myself with love and caring.  I acknowledge that I have lived 67 wonderful years and can claim a healthy body and mind. I wear my years as gracefully as I can, and I am fit and strong. I love and care about those with whom I cross paths and receive it back in an abundance that leaves me wanting for nothing.  A weekend with little planned turned into a love-filled festival.  May you love yourself, love others and receive their love.  

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