Monday, August 22, 2022

Long Hot Summer

I am still fasting from news intake.  I taste the feeds on occasion and quickly find the many rabbit holes in my mind opening.  

My year has been punctuated by me noticing when I am on the verge of or dipping my toes into getting lost in thoughts, judgments, and past or future stress.  Being here Now, in the moment, is a Much nicer place to live, I have to say.

I have had incredible feelings of love since I dove into the waters of nonduality.  See post from January.  

I have moved away from accepting payments from insurance companies to letting my clients pay directly.  I still offer a superbill they can use to collect from insurance.  At my age I want to simplify all areas of my life.  This is a much more loving place for me to live.  

I have been a therapist for 44 years.  After all those years of taking continuing education classes, reading what people suggested or I found about new breakthroughs, I seem to have settled on the truth of what helps.  We cannot love others until we know self-love as a feeling, not just a thought.  I thought I did until I realized I knew it but did not feel it.  That terrible schism between thought and body.    How to breach it?

Since the 1960's and 70's we have heard about tuning in and dropping out.  Tune into how you really feel.  Know your truth.  Catch phrases?  Nonduality means its all connected.  Beginning to glimpse that, taste that and feel that is quite a ride.

May all be kind to each other.   

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